To:     All Our Friends and Supporters, Both Old and New


First of all, thank you.  Your continued support allows us to do what we love for a living, while also being ourselves.  Our sole focus has always been to bring everybody closer to the live cannabis plant.  To see what we see.  For long time enthusiasts and for new consumers, from all walks of life.  That will never change because your encouragement gives us the confidence to continue exploring new ways to experience cannabis together.  We had to step away for the past nine months, but now we’re back.


As California’s cannabis regulations changed in 2018, we made the conscious decision to leave the “collective” market and become a licensed commercial cannabis company.  In November 2018, we moved our facility from Los Angeles to our new home in Santa Ana.  We applied for a local permit and began the process of building our workshop.  At the same time, we applied for licenses from the State of California and we’re fortunate to say we are the first company in Orange County to receive an annual license for distribution and processing.


We chose this path because we never want to stop experimenting with new ways of experiencing cannabis.  Now, we’re closer to having the same rights enjoyed by all other companies in California.  We know that this progress has come at a cost.  However, we’re never going to stop working to keep bringing everybody closer to cannabis.  We’ve been working on some new things that we can’t wait to show you.


Curated Cannabis is back.  Let’s smoke the same.

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