Curated Cannabis curates cannabis. We select seasonal cannabis cultivars with distinct physiological and cannabinoid profiles. We work with responsible cultivators that consistently grow the flower to its genetic potential. We trim the flower by hand immediately after it’s been harvested, and remove the moisture in a controlled environment without altering the shape, color, and aroma of the flower.

Process cured cannabis flower.
Manufacture cannabis concentrate.
Distribute our products to retailers in California.

Our Flower

Come closer and see what we see

Trimmed by hand.  Selected by hand.
Preserved using modern methods.
Remastered classics or new genetics.
Timeless taste.
Available in 1/8th and 1/2 ounces.
Glass jars with removeable sleeves.
Smoke with your eyes first.

Using everything we’ve learned and everything we discovered to bring you closer to the live cannabis plant.

Come closer and smoke the same.




Curated Cannabis classifies its flower by its physiological profile and terpene composition.


Narrow Leaf (Sativa)

Narrow Leaf cultivars have physical characteristics that reflect their equatorial lineage.  These plants evolved in tropical regions close to the equator, with equal amounts of day and night throughout the year.  As a result, these cultivars tend to grow taller, with narrower leaf “fingers”, and require more time to produce its flower to maturity.  Narrow Leaf cultivars tend to have higher amounts of pinene and limonene relative to other terpenes.


The vast majority of cultivars available today are hybrids between Narrow Leaf and Broad Leaf cultivars.  Seed banks and cannabis breeders have worked tirelessly to develop commercially viable cultivars (i.e. higher propagation rates, shorter flowering times, disease-resistant, increased potency) with a stunning variation in aroma and taste.

Broad Leaf (Indica)

Broad Leaf cultivars evolved to grow in cold, short-season climates (e.g. Hindu and Afghan Kush).  These cultivars tend to be short and stocky with broad leaf “fingers”.  Since they must produce their flower in the short window after the fall equinox but before the first frost, these cultivars produce their flowers to maturity faster than their Narrow Leaf cousins.  Broad Leaf cultivars are characterized by their high amounts of myrcene relative to other terpenes.